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Discover the 3 Major Infant Formula Taboos Every Mom Should Know

Discover the 3 Major Infant Formula Taboos Every Mom Should Know

Taboo 1: Formula and medicine taken together

        When the baby is sick, the baby does not want to take medicine, so parents come up with a good way, that is, let the baby drink formula together with the medicine.

        But formula will directly reduce the medicinal properties, thus affecting the recovery of the baby's condition. It is best to take medicine with warm water, do not use formula, honey water, and other water instead of warm water.


Taboo 2: Formula change too often

        Some mothers change formula because they see that their babies are not growing or their stools are green, not knowing that changing formula can have a great impact on the baby.

        Changing the formula in the early stages will make the intake reduced, triggering indigestion, and sometimes causing vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and other symptoms.

        It is also important to avoid the practice of changing formulas just because some mothers have heard that a certain formula is good. In addition to changing formulas, because your baby is allergic to a particular one, the most important thing is to stick to feeding the same formulas.



Taboo 3: Mixing several formulas for a long time

        Parents are overly concerned about the safety of formulas or focus too much on the concept of nutritional complementarity, lack trust in a single formula, are afraid to insist on eating the same brand of formulas, worried that in case the formulas have quality problems, the baby is vulnerable. They think that if they eat several formulas at the same time, it is less likely that there will be problems with quality, so they give their babies several formulas at the same time, thinking that this will share the risk and is good for them.

        However, different formulas have slightly different nutritional compositions, protein, fat structure, mineral content, etc. There is an adaptation period for the baby's intestines, and mixing several formulas is not good for the baby's intestinal development and digestion, especially when the baby is small and the intestines are more fragile.

        If parents are not sure about the formula for babies, it is recommended to choose a reliable brand with a high reputation, and then consider switching to another formula after five or six months of consumption.


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