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Do You Know the Importance of Using 99.91% Purified Water Baby Wipes for Your Baby?

Do You Know the Importance of Using 99.91% Purified Water Baby Wipes for Your Baby?

The first step is to understand several characteristics of the baby's skin.

1. Baby skin is thinner than adults, easy to cause skin damage due to friction;

2. Skin lipids are less adaptable, sensitive and easy to lose moisture;

3. The skin pigment layer is thin and easily damaged by UV rays;

4. Poor skin resistance, susceptible to bacterial infection or allergic reactions;

5. The skin has a weak thermoregulatory ability and is prone to sweating.

     Therefore, it is important for mothers to choose baby wipes with safe ingredients, gentle & skin-friendly, and available for sensitive skin.

AIWIBI 99.91% pure water baby wipes advantages:

1. Safe Ingredients: 99.91% water plus a drop of plant essential oil, no added alcohol, fluorescent agents, coloring and other ingredients, multi-channel water purification and filtration process, antibacterial, only for more reassuring use.

2. Soft and Skin-friendly: Super soft and tender spunlace non-woven fabric with embossed pearl, increasing the cleaning power without damaging the baby's skin. Close to the safe pH balance of baby's skin, hypoallergenic material, care for baby's delicate skin.

3. Sufficient Water Content: Not even draw design so that each piece of wipes have sufficient water content, waterproof stickers to effectively prevent moisture increase, but also isolate the risk of bacteria into. Extra strong and long soft, make every cleaning more convenient.

     Baby deserves the best, aiwibi focus on the development of safe and non-hazardous products for babies, mothers more at ease.

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