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Does Baby's Complementary Food Need to Be as Fine as Possible?

Does Baby's Complementary Food Need to Be as Fine as Possible?

      Many mothers believe that the finer the complementary foods, the easier it is for the baby to digest, and it is also good for the digestive ability to improve. But this is not the case.


First of all, it is not conducive to the improvement of digestive ability.

      The particle size of complementary food should be added from fine to coarse according to the age of the month, juice → paste → minced → lumps. Too fine food can not exercise the baby's gastrointestinal tract digestive ability, long-term eating too fine food baby easy to constipation.

Secondly, it is not conducive to the exercise of chewing ability.

      Some babies start eating crumbly food only when they are 1 year old, but once they eat such food, they dry vomit and refuse to eat. Because the early complementary food is too delicate, chewing ability is poor, and swallowing is also affected.

And finally, it is not good for language development.

      Other babies are able to say short sentences, why not your own child? Think about whether your own complementary food has been made very fine. When babies chew, they can promote the development of the oral sphincter. The development of the oral sphincter will affect the baby's language development. The more developed the sphincter is, the more accurate the baby's pronunciation will be, and the earlier he or she will be able to clearly express his or her wishes in language.

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