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Is It True That Formula-Fed Babies Are More Prone to Constipation?

Is It True That Formula-Fed Babies Are More Prone to Constipation?

         The protein molecular structure of milk powder is larger than breast milk, forming milk clots that are not well absorbed, high calcium formula is difficult to absorb completely due to calcium, calcium soap is easily formed, natural digestive enzymes and oligosaccharides are not as good as breast milk, which are all reasons why formula-fed babies are more likely to be constipated than breast milk.

         When choosing a formula, you can choose a formula that is rich in probiotics, oligofructose, oligogalactose and other nutrients that can prevent constipation.


        The causes of constipation in babies are also diverse, how to prevent and improve?

        1. Incorrect way of brewing milk powder: too thick or too thin can cause constipation, just refer to the instructions for brewing.

        2. Irrational diet structure: babies who should add complementary foods have insufficient dietary fiber intake and overly refined diet.

        3. Insufficient water intake: after 6 months, baby should drink 300-500ml of water per day, and after a year, baby can drink 800-1000ml per day.

        4. Insufficient exercise: intestinal peristalsis slows down and stools are not pushed out enough, leading to constipation.


        5. Mental factors: children often cry, being often used to scare and intimidate the way to coax the baby, are easy to cause constipation.

        6. Insufficient fat intake: Some parents are afraid that their babies have indigestion and do not give them food with oil. In fact the lack of fat can also lead to constipation, the baby can eat supplementary food, do not always eat white-water vegetables, vegetables can add some vegetable oil.
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