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A Few Tips for New Parents on Baby Bathing

A Few Tips for New Parents on Baby Bathing

         Because the baby's body resistance is weak at this age, the baby bath requires more patience from parents, and the following points should be noted.

        Time to suit: Give your baby a bath between 12:00-15:00, when it is the warmest of the day. Winter baths for babies should be brief, with the child soaking in the water for no more than 10-15 minutes. Because of the excessive soaking time, the skin is prone to dehydration, which aggravates dry skin.

        Water temperature requirements: The temperature of the baby bath water should be between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius. To measure the temperature more accurately, fill the bath with cold water first, then with hot water.

        Wash the baby's head and body separately: when washing hair, pay attention to the baby's body warmth, can first not take off underwear, or wrap the body with a large towel, after washing the head the baby wrapped in a towel and then wash the body, so the baby does not get cold easily.

        After washing, quickly wrap the baby's entire body in a large bath towel to absorb moisture. If possible, place the towel on an electric heater to warm it up so the baby feels safer and more comfortable, and then assist the baby in putting on warm clothes baked ahead of time to avoid getting cold.
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